Phone & MP3 Players

The mp3 player is a freeware helper app. Once it is installed, you should not try to launch it. Rather you should open your MP3 file or to go to a website which serves pure MP3 streams and choose listen. This will cause the mp3 player to be launched. If you are looking for more MP3 audio, type MP3 in your search engine and you'll be amazed at the incredible surge of MP3 files.

If you can't access these files with this player, don't panic - you're not supposed to!! Our professional hardware encoders include the Microsoft NetShow Services Server for advanced real-time streaming. Professional webcasters using the NetShow server utilize mp3 MP3 encoding and the NetShow ASF transport protocol. When listening to these stations the MS Media Player should be used to accept the ASF protocol. ASF adds a cool layer of error correction to make up for the potential latencies that naturally occur over the Internet for uninterrupted listening enjoyment.

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